What is LOVE ?

Heyy! Wanna know what is mean by LOVE
Read this :) 
Hurt. Despair. False Hope. Heart Breaks. Head Aches. Wet Eyes. Are those the emotions we get from Love ? We all had our fair share of being in love, for some it's the beautiful thing they ever had and for other it's nothing more then bitter memories and bunch of promises that was never kept. I used to had someone, Used To Had, she was the one who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the one who could take care of me and at the same time I would take care of her, be her everything and give her nothing but everything. But that's just it, we can only plan this thing, we can only dream, but Allah is the one who can make them come true.

I can't even remember the last time I saw her, the last thing I knew, she was with someone, Even though, even though she knew that I was waiting on her, it's no use to love someone with all your sincere heart if they don't even Like you back. So it's better if I kept my distance, say I love you when she's not listening and only mention her name in my doa. Because that's all I can do, I can't force her to love me, but at the same time I can't force myself to stop loving her. I can't control my heart, it has a mind of it's own. It keeps making bad and horrible decision and in the end my heart end up broken and hurt.

To move on or to forget is an option, but how can you ? How can you move on from someone you truly love, and how could you forget ? forgetting someone you love is like remembering someone you don't know. It's impossible. I could pretend, but for how long? How long can I fake a smile, and keep saying and pretending that I'm Okay. Everyone has their limits. And even if I fall in love with someone else, it could never be same way I loved her.

After waking up every morning and before going to sleep every night. I will always wonder about you, and all those bittersweet memories would be played in my head. I miss you. I need you. I love you. I Loved you. I hate you... if loving you is wrong then I don't want to be right. You will always be in my toughts, even though I will never be in your's. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I can't be the one you always wanted, I know my weaknesses and flaws. I can never be perfect and I can never be perfect for you.

What is Love ? I don't know. I don't have one. (Y) 

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